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What to do When Quarantined

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

We asked some of our clinicians for tips on how to stay sane and take control of our mental health when we've been stuck inside all day; and then this lovely infographic was born!

Some other tips that we were given were:

"Puzzles, journaling, and starting a new series on Netflix." - Dr. Jones

"Gratitude journaling, biking, gardening, writing a thank you letter to those of service or find a way to your community...learn a new talent." - Dr. Young

"Definitely nature and sunshine if done so appropriately (with social distance and probably sunscreen). Establish a routine and as much structure as possible. Try to limit alcohol/other substances (including food) to cope. Oh and only check the news 1-2x daily! This can be hugely anxiety provoking. And as always...Gratitude, gratitude,gratitude! Don't forget to breathe." - Dr. Taylor

"Many shelters and animal rescuers are limiting intakes of pets and need fosters at this time. Volunteering in this way can help the community but can also provide a lovable companion." - Dr. Vaccaro

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