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Our Front Office

Meet the Team

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Melissa Rogers

Billing Manager

Melissa Rogers is our billing manager and our front desk staff member. Her 13 years of experience in customer service have shaped her passion for positively impacting everyone she meets. Melissa attended Pasco Hernando State College’s phlebotomy program, contributing to her interest in nursing and providing compassionate care and support. She enjoys spending time with her family and tackling DIY projects in her spare time.

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Marissa Kinsler

Marketing Manager

Marissa Kinsler has been a part of our office staff since 2013. She recently graduated with her BS in marketing from USF Muma College of Business. Branding and creative directing are among her many passions; also, her career goal is to own her own business. Fun fact she speaks conversational Italian!

Marissa Valenzuela, Marketing Dir_
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Kristofer Gonzalez

Office Manager

Kristofer Gonzalez was promoted to office manager in July 2021. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from USF and plans on pursuing graduate studies in the near future. His passions are human behavior and philosophy of the mind from both a theoretical and practical perspective. His hobbies include basketball, video games, drawing, and writing. He loves a good story in any form, and he hates pickles.

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Michaella Coscia

Front Office Staff

Michaella is a University of South Florida graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She plans on pursuing her Master's degree in Psychology after taking a gap year to gain more experience in her field. She strives to help others and is interested in making a difference in people's lives. Michaella is new to our front office staff and excited to join the mental health industry. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also loves traveling, exploring the outdoors, going to the gym, and reading.

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Phoenix Johnson

Front Office Staff

Phoenix Johnson is part of the Kinsler Psychology Front Office; she is working on completing her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Liberty University. She is passionate about the mental health field because of the opportunity to lift others up  through knowledge and personal experience. Her goal is to build upon her customer service skills at Kinsler Psychology  so she is better equipped for a career of serving people that are hurting. When responsibility is not required, you can find her reading a book or hopefully on a vacation far from home.

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Alisson Maynard

Front Office Staff

Alisson Maynard is a member of our front office staff. She has a great motivation to help others. She studied nursing, phlebotomy, and Early Childhood Development. She loves spending time with her family, cooking, reading, and gardening in her free time.

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