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Discipline and Setting Limits with Children

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A lot of parents contact us because of concerns about their child’s behavior. Sometimes, the behavioral concerns are so severe that children get dismissed from preschool or are suspended from school. At Kinsler Psychology, we look at the entire system-the child AND their environment. The first thing we want to rule out is any psychological disorders (e.g., ADHD, autism, bipolar). Children with psychological disorders require a more tailored approach but require discipline nonetheless.

Many times parents lack sufficient tools in their discipline toolbox. Besides timeout, grounding, and removing electronics, there’s nothing in the toolbox! I teach a 3-level approach to help parents quickly identify whether the incident is no big deal, a problem, or a major infraction and then act accordingly. The ultimate goal is to teach your child to be a responsible adult, so be creative!

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