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Jada Rousseau


Depression, ADHD, Trauma, Stress Management, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Children

Individual Counseling

Children, (5-12), Young Adults (18-25), Adults (26+)

A Bit About Me

Jada Rosseau is a Registered Clinical Mental Health Intern. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with concentrations in Africana Studies and Behavioral Healthcare from the University of South Florida. She obtained this degree on a full athletic scholarship and was a member of the USF track team. Jada received her Master of Science and Education Specialist degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Florida State University. There she worked on a published study viewing the effects of racial identity and mindfulness concerning posttraumatic growth and race-based trauma, amongst other endeavors.

She aspires to obtain her PhD in Psychology and develop a career in teaching in the future.


Jada has experience working with children and adults, while also treating depression,
anxiety,   stress,   and   trauma   in   various   settings   such   as   elementary   schools,   private   practice,
Telehealth, and outpatient. She utilizes many different therapeutic frameworks such as CBT and
Psychodynamic Therapy, but mostly enjoys Person-Centered Therapy and allowing the client to
drive the direction of their sessions and overall therapeutic growth.

Jada is very passionate about her work, destigmatizing mental health, and people she

can help make smile. She feels that if she has impacted just one person, this is enough to make a
difference in the world. Having a student-athlete background, Jada understands what it means to
work collaboratively with a team to reach a desired goal. She believes everyone has a story and
strives to be someone who can help individuals formulate that story and live life as their best selves.
She is open, and honest, and can make anyone laugh. When she is not working, she enjoys bookstores,
and museums, listening to music, attending church, working out, learning, and spending time with her

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