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Dr. Morgan Swain-Sears

PhD (Post Doctoral Candidate)

Women's Issues, Life Transitions, Adjustment Concerns, Imposter Syndrome, Graduate School Concerns, and Self-Esteem/Identity Development

Individual Counseling, Relationship Counseling, and Assessments

Teens (13-17), Adults (18-65)

A Bit About Me

Dr. Morgan Swain-Sears received her undergraduate degree from Walden University, her master's from Florida A&M University, and her doctoral degree from Tennessee State University. Dr. Sears has years of experience in many settings, including college counseling centers, private practice, non-profits, and community mental health.  She also has experience providing diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting to various entities. She has also provided psychoeducational workshops on various topics, including cultivating wellness with chronic conditions, financial mindfulness, parenting, developing healthy relationships, and navigating challenges for parents and caregivers.

Dr. Sears believes that our communities shape our worldviews and lived experiences. As a community and counseling psychologist, her goal is to understand each person’s unique life story and worldview while also seeking to learn how our environments impact our ability to thrive and survive. She strives to create a comfortable, affirming, and restorative space for clients. Dr. Sears uses a warm, collaborative style to help clients feel heard and understood. Her goal for therapy is to work with clients to identify their strengths and combine them with newly-learned skills to create a toolbox of strategies that clients can utilize well after therapy. She combines person-centered, cognitive behavioral, multicultural, and strength-based approaches to do this. Additionally, Dr. Sears believes in providing culturally competent, affirming, equitable care to folks of all identities.

She enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and watching scary movies in her free time.

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